Frequent Disk Access

Hello guys,

first of all, thank you for making this great piece of software!
So I am running FreeNAS, and UrBackup in a jail in the actual version “UrBackup 2.1.20”.
I can see that Urbackup is causing frequent disk access. No client is connected, server does nothing, but every 1 to 5 minutes a small write process can be seen, which causing all my 10 disk to another Load_Cycle (disk head moves from parking position to operation and uses ~15 watts more power). In general, this is no problem. But I would really like to understand why the application needs to update the internal database, even when its doing nothing?
Could a sleep mode ofr the server be added? Only when a client comes up and need to communicate with the server, that this one will make entries in the DB?
I don’t know if this is possible, but this behavior let me shutdown the jail everytime I leave the house, as it saves money and let my drives live longer :wink:


It does update the “last seen” time of every client every 5min. It does not fsync that so you could work-around that by using laptop_mode (the FreeBSD equivalent) or disabling dirty data flush.

Hi Uroni,

thank you for your answer. Let me think about that, and wht his mean to the data integrity.
Maybe I need to put the jail on SSD. When I understand you correct, then the data is untouched, only the “last seen” in the DB is updated, right?

Thank you! :slight_smile:


this can be marked as solved, moved the jail to SSD!