Force client to read default backup locations

Hi, i’ve read the whole FAQ and thats the interesting part for me:
How to define default backup locations? … Those locations are only the default locations. Even if you check “Seperate settings for this client” and disable “Allow client to change settings”, once the client modified the paths changes in this field are not used by the client.

This is exactly what i want. I’ve changed backup locations on client, then delete all the backup locations entries on client, but how to get again the server defaults?
please help.

By the way, UrBackup is a great piece of Software.

Please, can anybody help me, i want that client ready server defaults again.

Once you deleted all the folder it should apply the default settings. It does do that only if you change the settings on the server or restart the client (with more than ~5min interruption). To really be sure restart the server.

Hi and thanks for helping me. I’ve tried your suggestions but either i did it wrong, or it was not working. Therefore is deleted the client completely from UrBackup and installed it as a new one. It’s solved now.

BR Chris