[Fixed:] Server crash on "Calculating file tree differences..."


Are there any ideas on my problem?


Hi! It seems i have the same problem, UrBackup server just crash:

2018-07-25 01:07:21: gdnet.com.ar: Loading file list…
2018-07-25 01:07:25: gdnet.com.ar: Calculating file tree differences…
2018-07-25 01:07:31: gdnet.com.ar: Calculating tree difference size…
2018-07-25 01:07:34: gdnet.com.ar: Linking unchanged and loading new files…

Currenctly I am running Debian Stretch in Pine Rock64. Is a new fresh install, UrBackup on server and latest UrBackup client on Client (which is a Ubuntu 16.04).

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Hi again,

It seems that crash only when doing Incremental Backups, since after reinstall, the first full backup was executed just fine. Then, in next day when issuing Incremental just crashed… Any ideas? Thanks.



Finally, I’ve solved this by compiling UrBackup server (in my Rock64 device, ARM -> aarch64 -> Debian 9). Now, no more crashes so far in the first test.