Field Format Wrong

unable to save client settings from server end. showing error while click on save button.


How to resolve this issue???

I would double check the entries, in particular, the excluded files. Is :.: really a valid file name?

I can’t understand. can u plz explain?

Showing field format wrong error when i want to save client settings.

On the first image you posted the excluded files field contained a file name that is illegal under windows “C:\Windows\system32\LogFiles\WMI\RtBackup:.:” as far as I can tell.

The character : is not a valid filename character, I guess you intended *.* instead.

The error you are getting says there is a field format wrong. The filename is invalid. I assume this is cause of the field format error.

One or more of the fields you have entered are wrong and the client is passing back the error. The field format error could be on any of the fields in any of the tabs for the client settings but I can see that at least the excluded files field is wrong.

The second screen image shows the interval for incremental file backups is not a number (NaN) which may be another cause of the field format error. Putting a number in this field may also be needed.

I would go through all the tabs and check all the fields to check they are valid entries.

Thanks . Issue Resolved.