Feature Idea: Flag Option Counter


Hear me out on this one; how hard would it be on successful backups to perform a countdown timer. This timer will apply a flag to directories you specify like this:

# This will exclude the directory for 5 times, and the 6th time it will be included.
# This will include the directory for 5 times, and the 6th time will be excluded.

###To make it way more complicated

# This will exclude the directory for 5 times, and the 6th and 7th time will be included.
# This will include the directory for 5 times, and the 6th and 7th time will be excluded.

It was mainly a strange thought as an easier way to making different directories backup on different days, you could just have certain directories only backup certain times.

Like, if you only want C:\Users back up once a week, then you add in count_exclude_6.
And if you want it to backup once a week, then wait a week, count_include_6_exclude_7.

This is probably way more complicated, and will be horrible on larger lists, but for small directories that you only want once in a while this wouldn’t be too bad. (I would think)

Edit: Of course, it is based around backups. So, if someone had 5 hour intervals, and wanted a once a week backup. Then they would have to use some math and create an include/exclude flag for like include_30_exclude_60 or something.

This is where the idea falls through though,

You have a 2TB server, and it’s an internet client with only 200kb/s of bandwidth that can be allotted to UrBackup. Instead of waiting three weeks for this to finish, you could initially segment the first few backups:


There is no wait timer, so segmenting them won’t work unless you make it longer and more complicated like include_1_exclude_2_include_1_exclude_3 but then that just becomes ridiculous.

So, instead maybe a /wait_1 flag that will wait for x backups after a full file.

This can be abused like so:


This will make 1FH be the full file, then the next file backup will only take 2FH, then 3FH, and et cetera. It won’t put it all in one folder though, which is the only downside to the current idea. It would make it to where day 1 is only 1FH, day 2 is only 2FH, et cetera.

Try to use virtual sub client , look at

make a different schedulle for each sub client
sublient 1
backup c:\ data or whatever every day

sublient 2
backup C:\Users only on sunday

Oh, wow; I didn’t even realize this became a thing.

Nevermind then.