Expected backup speed for MSSQL backups

I have a 22GB SQL database that I am backing up and only getting 3.2 Mbit/s. This is considerably slower than all my other backups that are file based.

I don’t do any image backups.

Wondering if there is something that can be looked at, or adjusted. Client it is Windows 2008R2, server is Windows 2012.

What are the hardware specs of the database and UrBackup servers?

Both are virtual machines on the same ESXi host.
SQL server; 6 vCPU, 8 GB memory
urbackup server, 4 vCPU, 6GB memory

ESXi host, 24 cores, 128GB memory

Seems like it should be able to handle that, unless there is some Disk I/O contention that occurs while that backup is running.

What’s the memory like when backups are running full throttle? The RAM seems a little low for both of those virtual guests…