Exclude entire directories

I don’t understand the documentation and it does not even seem to match the default exclusions (on Windows clients).

I want to exclude the entire folder and all of it’s contents for


But if I add it just like that, it’s not working.

I changed it to this:


Still not working.

Is it because I’ve added this path explicitly?


I’ve now even removed C:\Users\keithdavis from the paths to be backed up, but it has no effect on what is being backed up. My client is ignoring these settings:

Even though I have the ability to change these disabled on the client:

I completely removed all of client specific settings and any relevant server settings. On the client, I am backing up these 2 paths:

I have only one exclusion:


But that folder still gets backed up (and all the contents).

Well, I changed it to \Pictures\ and it’s working now. Wait, that directory is a symlink (actually, it’s a mklink Directory Junction), could that be why the explicit path does not work?