Exchange Backup


Have you ever tested backing up and restoring exchange? I know the client uses VSS but I didn’t read any where if it would work with exchange.

If not have has there been any consideration to calling diskshadow (which does work for exchange) or adding a “run before backup” option to the client.

Anyways, awesome software I love it so far.


Backing up the Exchange database files gives you a (at least) crash consistent backup. Of course you should test what you’ll have to do in case of emergency (e.g. restore system with restore cd, copy over newest database files).

You have to enable circular logging in Exchange, otherwise it uses more and more hard disk space (I ran into that problem).

EDIT: You can run commands by putting them into C:\Program Files\UrBackup\prefilebackup.bat

Awesome, I will do a test restore next week.

That prefilebackup.bat solved one of my other major issues. By any chance is there something equivelent for Linux? (I am going to start moving some linux clients to the lab soon and need to dump mysql dbs)



Yes. See the Debian/Ubuntu instructions