Erros when directory exist upper and lower case in Windows

I have installed the "Bash on UBUNTU on WINDOWS " package in Win 10. Ufortunately it creates two identical directory names, but in lower and one in upper case. Examples :
there are several others in the lxss package, in total I receive nearly 1000 errors per run from that case.

Despite the fact that windows normally does not differentiate between upper and lower case, surprisingly Windows itself works fine with this situation. In Urbackup I get errors for those cases - usualle “File not found”. That is obviously true for the one or the other directory as long as upper and lower case are not differentiated, but makes backup for that package useless.
Any Opportunity do deal with upper and lower case directories that are identical in all other parts of the path name ?

Yeah, had the same issue for a while. Just exclude *\AppData\Local\lxss from backup.

Theoretically it wouldn’t be much work to make UrBackup on Windows case sensitive. It’s already case sensitive for Linux anyway.

Practically Microsoft is replacing WSL and Linux syscall emulation with a full blown VM (WSL2; because NTFS is too slow for Linux file system emulation) with WSL2. So waiting a bit worked out :slight_smile: