"error writing to file" while backup


I’ve been having this error for over 2 weeks, and I don’t understand it. It’s been happening in the backup of two clients but different file. Please kindly help.
server: centos 7
server version: 2.2.11
client: windows 10
client version: 2.2.6

error log:

08/07/18 08:46
Error writing to file “/backupdata/urbackup_data/XX-PC/180807-0806/D/Program Files/Foxmail 7.2/Storage/xxx@yyy.com/Indexes/attach/hasattach.idl” -2. Input/output error (code: 5)
08/07/18 08:46
Storing file to “/backupdata/urbackup_data/XX-PC/180807-0806/D/Program Files/Foxmail 7.2/Storage/xxx@yyy.com/Indexes/attach/hasattach.idl” failed
08/07/18 08:49
Fatal error during backup. Backup not completed
08/07/18 08:49
FATAL: Backup failed because of disk problems (see previous messages)
08/07/18 08:49
Backup failed


Usually this means the server hard disk is damaged.


Thank you for the reply.
Strangely, only two clients has this problem, with two different files, both from “foxmail” program.
Is there any method I can confirm it’s the server HDD problem. And in fact the HDD in question isn’t an old one.


Read out the SMART status from the disks, look for reallocated and pending sector counts… Pending sectors in particular you’ll want to run a disk checker to trigger reallocation.

Depending on OS CHKDISK /R /B (combination implies /F) will check the entire disk & force such reallocations, without /B it’d leave them if they’re in areas windows had marked as bad.

For Linux you’ll want to run badblocks -svn (non destructive read write test) over the whole (unmounted) disk to trigger the reallocations, that takes a LONG time on big modern disks, as does CHKDSK, not as long, because it’s not as thorough.

Age doesn’t much matter with hard drives, at least, not as much as luck, they tend to either die early or last many years.