Error metadata stream

Hello, I have a problem with the metadata stream ending and I don’t know what this implies.

Client OS: Windows server 2012
Client version: 2.4.11
Server version: 2.4.13
incremental backup

client and server are running on the same system and the backup folder is saved on a nas.

the log error is:

Error informing client about metadata stream end. Errorcode: TIMEOUT (2)

but even with this error it say that the backup was successful…
what error is this? must I worry about this? I noticed that it started on the 05/30, and it seems that this error appear only when there are no new files to do a backup.
what I can do?

I think that usually indicates client went offline/network interruption

hi, uhmmm interesting, do you know where I can find if something like that is happening? like a different log or similar?
because it seems it all working ok

I have a similar message:
Errors 13.01.22 10:23 Error informing client about metadata stream end. Errorcode: ERROR (6)

It started after such modifications:

The error appear immediately after databases backup, but it does not affect on backup status, at the end I see ‘Backup succeeded’ message