Error compiling 2.4.14 server to TrueNAS. Ok with 2.4.13

I get this error:
*** [fileservplugin/urbackupsrv-PipeFileTar.o] Error code 1
When compiling 2.4.14 server in a TrueNAS jail.

Urbackup server 2.4.13 works fine. I use cryptopp-5.6.5_4 because newer versions break compiling.

I tried compiling cryptopp with newer version : no go either.

Any clue ?

Issues here as well compiling source on TrueNAS 12.0-U7 (FreeBSD 12.2). I configure with embedded cryptopp and zstd: ./configure --enable-embedded-cryptopp --enable-embedded-zstd

Compile eventually errors with:
fileservplugin/PipeFileTar.cpp:405:2: error: no matching function for call to ‘serialize_stat_buf’
serialize_stat_buf(tar_file.buf, tar_file.symlink_target, data);
fileservplugin/FileMetadataPipe.h:140:6: note: candidate function not viable: no known conversion from ‘struct stat’ to ‘const struct stat64’
for 1st argument
void serialize_stat_buf(const struct stat64& buf, const std::string& symlink_target, CWData& data);
7 warnings and 1 error generated.

Advice appreciated!

Ok, so I compared fileservplugin\PipeFileTar.h between v2.4.13 and v2.4.14 and found a difference in the last three lines:

#if defined(_WIN32) || defined(APPLE) || defined(FreeBSD)
#undef stat64

If I comment out these three lines then “make” finishes without errors.

Can the devs please confirm that this is a bug?

Thanks for your investigation. I compiled successfully 2.4.14 (i think) but the server main page still show 2.4.13. Waiting for Dev input too.

This seems to be a separate issue, which I would put in a separate thread. Here we want to make sure that we get a clean, compilable source.

I did some more testing and confirm this issue on a fresh install of FreeBSD 12.2, so the scope of the issue seems to be all of FreeBSD rather than limited to TrueNAS. The proposed fix above also works on FreeBSD.

I further confirm that the compiled version can be installed and properly shows as version 2.4.14 in the web interface. So @adumas problem is possibly a user error.

@uroni I would really appreciate a response before I take this version into production. Thank you.


ping… again…

FYI, the same bug exists when compiling server beta v2.5.22 on FreeBSD 12.2. I am not sure what else to do to get a devs attention. Somewhat frustrating.

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A new server version 2.4.15 has been released and this error still persists on FreeBSD. I am not sure why this post continues to be ignored. It seems like a simple fix.

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Just another ping…

I did your mod as detailed above and compiled 2.4.15 with :
./configure --enable-embedded-cryptopp
and it seems to be running fine so far, but it would be great to get this resolved.