Enormous directory for temp files

I have several servers with a lot of files. I see that when they get backuped, /backup/urbackup/urbackup_temp_files/ gets filled with a lot of files. A lot as in, all of the files in the server. I’ve seen as much as 500000 files in a single directory. FIlesystems generally don’t like that much files in a directory, so this could use some tweaking. Maybe start processing files on the server side when there are 1000 files in the retrieved cache?

Also, I would expect file to be directly written into the backupdir of the client, since Temporary files as file backup buffer is disabled (but has been enabled before).

Please advise.

It does that.

It writes them first to urbackup_tmp_files and then renames them.

But you are right, performance might not be optimal if all backups (threads) use the same directory. Will change that.

It does start to process at a 1000 files? But it doesn’t stop retreiving files. Otherwise I would not end up with half a million files in a single directory?