EICAR files in my tmp folder

Hi Everybody
I just configure Urbackup to backup Linux and Windows Client
But for the windows client my AV warns about an EICAR file in the urbackup_tmp folder, delete them and the backup process recreate them right away
So my Security manager got a lot of Windows defender alerts
I have 2 questions :
I dont understand the reason why the backup process create an EICAR test file on my backups folder
Can I stop this behavior in Urbackup because I can’t add an exclusion folder in my AV (it is managed from an external company and we can’t change anyhthing on it)

Thanks for your reply

The reason for the test, is because UrBackup wants you to know that depending on what you’re backing up, your AV might interfere with that file and create a resource contention issue.

You will need to request of your Managed Service Provider (MSP/MSSP) that they exclude the UrBackup folders from AV scanning, or you will likely run into issues later down the line.

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Just ran into this myself and had to make a policy in the AV to exclude that folder.

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