Easy dedupe? with "original file" folder organisation

I have been testing Urbackup and like it a lot. When looking at the file storage it seems to store the original files in each clients folder and then make links instead of recopying the same file for the next backup saving storage space. Would it be possible to have a single “original files” folder (that no client has direct access to) that holds all original files (with CRC for each file) and with some folder structure for versioning of files and then in each clients folder there would be only links to each file in the “original files” folder. This would dedupe all common files between clients. I think?

Would also mean file seeding from any client would seed all clients for matching files. All handled server side without clients knowing.

Would this work?


With hardlink there s no notion of link to a file , both files are the same , at different places.
You should google it for more infos.
The mechanisms used by urbackup when using zfs or btrfs are even more powerfull than that.


I’m running on windows at the moment so the two file systems are unfortunately not an option. Because it’s running on windows 10 there’s no dedupe (only on server I think).

Maybe I’ll try on freenas.