Dummy's guide to UrBackup / Setting up permissions

Hi Guys,

UrBackup newb here… I’m trying to setup the server on my NAS (Windows Server 2012 R2) and I’m getting a little confused in terms of how to setup the permissions.

Is there a “dummy’s guide” that I can follow?

Or does UrBackup not have any controls to prevent unauthorized access? I see on the UrBackup client, i can include a password when specifying an internet connection, but I don’t see anywhere where I set that password/user on the server side…


Not really sure what permissions you are referring to, but if you bring up the WebUI and go to the Settings/Users tab, you can create a username/password to limit access to the WebUI.


If you fiddle a bit with urbackup you ll understand, but mostly.

You can add users with passwords so they can access urbackup server.
You can use per user rights per client, but i personnaly dont do it.
You can restrict some opération from some client, like running a full backup or restoring files.
Internet client need an internet password to secure the connection over the internet.