Does urbackup support FTP?


Does urbackup support sending FTP from client to FTP server? I see that urbackup have some “internet” options in server urbackup. I only start to use urbackup so i only guess for now that it can send from client urbackup to server urbackup using http connection, right? If sending by http when connection break for example for 5 minutes, the server and client reopen http connection to continue sending? In my case i need to save local backups and send to FTP. Local backups as i see supported urbackup, what about FTP?




will it be supported later?


highly doubtful. Why add insecure old protocol when you have a reliable secure working one.

Read the docs and understand the existing system.


Maybe because FTP is faster than https? As i know FTP has as http security variant too, like SFTP and FTPS


It’s not. Speed is based primarily based on links/protocol efficiency. Once you have 2 concurrent streams (because TCP stream confirmation received packets can introduce some latency) you’ll saturate the physical interface and nothing is going to make it faster.

Yes, FTPS exists, but is a cludge trying to add encruption to a legacy protocol (active/passive, and requirements of firewall configuration/manual setup which most people don’t understand). SFTP (usually SSH) is better, but no need for it in the context of Urbackup.

Have you read the Urbackup docs to understand how it actually works? I hypothesize you wouldn’t be asking for FTP if you did/understood Urbackup’s backend transfer and storage methods of data. It uses hard links for deduplication which is unsupported over a FTP connection.


i try to use doc, but i need some time to learn it, and whatever questions arise. Lacks some “quick start guide”.
Can one more question, in this case? If connection will be lost the urbackup when turn back to do his job, he will start backup again from “zero point” or he will continue from place when connection was lost? For example when file 1GB size, transfer almost 512MB and connection lost for meanwhile, when turn back it continue from 512MB or it will begin again from zero?


It will resume till finished the backup job.