Does urbackup client break the wifi on an Ideapad 5 with Pop-OS 20.04?

Yesterday I installed the binary urbackup client on my new Ideapad 5 with Pop_OS 20.04 installed. The new client was detected by the server and it started an initial backup (after adding a backup directory).

After a couple of minutes the backup did not continue and I realized that the Wifi Icon in the top bar showed a question mark and the wifi connection did no longer work at all. I could only get the connection back to normal by rebooting the machine. As I was playing around quite a bit with the notebook yesterday and there were updates coming in etc. etc. I could not be too sure about what caused this issue.

Today I reinstalled the machine from scratch and installed the binary urbackup client again. And again: Wifi is broken after a couple of minutes (I don’t know if the server just started the backup process). So I uninstalled the client and rebooted the machine and wifi seems to work stable.

Does anyone have any clue where I should look to find some evidence that urbackup is causing these issues? Or is this maybe known already (Could not find it in the forums)?

Any help would be highly appreciated, thank you!

I can definitely confirm that urbackup client is causing these issues. After a couple of days of normal wifi function I gave it another go and resinstalled the client as described on the download page.

Wifi works as long as no backup has started. After I started a full file backup it backed up about 1 of about 5 GB of data to the server and there where abaout 2200 files in the queue according to the web admin interface. Then the connection suddenly stopped working. The only change I could find so far was the output of nmcli general where “CONNECTIVITY” changed from “full” to “limited”.

I cannot reach any hosts from my notebook after the connection went to the “limited” state and consequently the backup fails as well. Restarting network manager does not bring back wifi functionality even after uninstalling urbackup client. After a reboot the wifi is working again… I’m still pretty clueless what to do/try next…

You could try limiting the bandwidth in the server settings, it’s really a shot in the dark, but some network adapters / drivers behave as you describe if the connection gets saturated.

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Thank you for this suggestion I will definitely look into that. It does not seem to be a very satisfying solution though because as far as I can see I cannot limit the bandwidth per client but only globally which affects all other clients as well.

Edit: sorry found the setting in the clients tab!

I can confirm that your suggestion works like a charm Bearded_Blunder, thank you!

I’m still surprised to see such a behavior, I never experiencend similar problems with any other application up to now.

Update: Today my wifi connection failed on me again when a backup was running. The speed limitations are still in place, I’ll try to reduce it further and see whether this fixes the problem…

Since I tweaked it down to 25Mbit I had no more hickups. Fingers crossed…