Does delete computer name backup folder - recreate it self?

Hello, I’m just wondering if I deleted the computer name backup folder in urbackup. It would recreate it self? The reason I am asking is. I have 3 computers that is backed up with urbackup. Two computers I have upgraded to windows 11 from windows 10. For some unknown reasons most of my new image back ups are corrupted. Fails at 100% and won’t install the other two partitions. Anyway I have got a old windows 10 image that I’m going to reinstall and then upgrade to windows 11. But since I have corrupt images. Quite a lot of them! I’m wondering will I have the same problem as I had before. So I was thinking if I deleted the computer name backup folder from the urbackup backup folder. Will it remake it self? So I can start from fresh and be like a new setup “No corrupted images”. As I believe urbackup uses files that is already there right, to save up disk space? So I’m wondering since I had win 10 and now win 11. It’s getting it self in a tryst on both system files. Corrupting it self? I don’t really know, but just my thought on what may be happening.

Is it safe to do this or will it break UrBackup server?

Thank you