Default location and indexing problem

I’m running UrBackup Server 2.4.13 on CentOS Linux 7 with its newest kernel 3.10.0-1160.11.1.el7.x86_64.
I’ve got clients with v 2.4.11 - few Windows 10 20H2 and few with CentOS 7 - 8 and RHEL 8.

Everything worked fine for me for years now, but i wanna change one thing - i wanna to have directory structure visible from web interface the same like there is on the computers. The reason is - it is MUCH easier to find things there of something will happen.

What i have done, is i changed default backup locations leaving only mine drive locations. And i put directories i want to be backup-ed into include files.

1-st problem - it worked for Linux, but on Windows client’s i had this error:

|Errors |13.03.21 01:43| Constructing of filelist of “Dell Laptop” failed: no backup dirs. Please add paths to backup on the client (via tray icon) or configure default paths to backup.|
|Errors |13.03.21 01:44| Backup had an early error. Deleting partial backup.|

My default backup locations was: “/;C:;D:”. I tried on two Win10 and result was always the same.
How i fixed it? I changed sequence inside form to: “C:;D:;/”.
Then it started to work as expected. Files are indexed and copied on both - Win10 and Linux computers. I’m not sure it is’a bug or maybe i don’t understand something, but i think it would be good to mention about it in manual.

2-nd problem - when there is drive letter in default backup location - even there are specific folders to backup selected by “include files” form - indexing go thru whole drive. I noticed that by time that it needs for that, even on fast computer (with large nvme SSD, 12core i7-9* CPU with 64G RAM). And one of them i have is just HP terminal with VIA Eden X2 U4200 @ 1.0+ GHz (2 vCPU) and for him it just take ages :slight_smile:

So maybe it would be better, if under the hood indexing would use “include files” when it’s store some locations instead. It would be more efficient and faster. Or maybe there is option to enable that, and i missed it?

Well thank You for great peace of software UrBackup is!