Dattobd not working on Linux 5.13.0-1036-oracle aarch64?

Tryed to install dattobd on Oracle server for snapshot but having error :
“Unable to locate package dattobd-utils”
from read on github i founded they have problem on kernel from 5.10 ?
tryed elastio/elastio-snap
instead and its working but how to adopt to urBackup ?
or im doing somethink wrong ?

Hello @masterwishx

Yes. here is a quote from dakotarwilliams from github

We already have some significant work toward kernel 5.9 compatibility. The issue is that 5.9 turned off many of the interfaces used for single-queue i/o that was dominant in the kernel at the time that dattobd was originally developed. There’s a lot of work involved in properly adapting the project to the blk-mq model which is what the Linux kernel community has moved toward. We understand that modern kernel compatibility is important, especially considering that there are many “stable” distros producing new releases that we’d want to support. With this and renewed interest in the project internally, kernel compatibility is our number 1 priority. It’s just a lot of work.

source: https://github.com/datto/dattobd/issues/277

I don’t know about this one. Uroni should be able to dig the question and give a proper answer.


Also got answer from github that they working on new kernel but not supporting aarch64

I also found out about the problems with dattobd and recent kernel releases and decided that the timescales for fixes looked too uncertain to wait for. The solution was simple, I switched the Linux clients I wanted to back up via urbackup to use btrfs as their filesystem.

Support for btrfs is already in urbackup_server and it works without problems.

W.r.t. elastio-snap it could be as easy as replacing the commands and device name in the dattobd snapshot scripts.

2.5.x has a dm-snapshot method which has the huge disadvantage that it breaks kernel upgrades (this really needs to have some distribution level integration, unfortunately). The disadvantage of using btrfs is that no volume level backups are possible with that one (and that btrfs has to be used).

Thanks , Sorry im new to urBackup , founded the scripts.