Creating User Views -> over 1,5 Hours

I tested the File Backup with and without “Create symbolically linked views for each user on the clients after file backups:”

With this Option Set the Backup is taking around 95 minutes (incremental)
Without this Option the File Backup is taking only 4 Minutes (incremental)

Same size gets backed up ~10gb.

Why is it taking so much longer with the linked views?

Server: 2.1.20 Debian
Client: Windows Server 2012R2

Could be the client has a lot of users or a complex permission structure. I guess you can somehow count the number of links in the user view folder, to see if creating the symbolic links is the thing that takes so long…

Its a Terminalserver with around 60GB Data and 4 Users.

The 10GB Filebackups is a SQL Database that is always backed up.

Anything i can check?