Create Snapshots with LVM and btrfs


I got this question:
Successfully started client service. Installation complete.
-dattobd not supported on this system
+Detected btrfs filesystem
+Detected LVM volumes
Please select the snapshot mechanism to be used for backups:
2) LVM - Logical Volume Manager snapshots
3) btrfs filesystem snapshots
4) Use no snapshot mechanism

Now, I have my system installed on a LVM, whereas the data is on a btrfs disk.

Thus, I’d like to answer with 5 (2 and 3). To be honest, I did not try, but would it be possible to let urbackup select LVM on the system drive and btrfs on the data disk?

In fact, I think that it is fairly unlikely that btrfs is used on a LVM, so that probably a selection is generally not needed (i.e. use btrfs on the btrfs filesystem and LVM on the LVM filesystem)


I think the best option would be to combine the LVM and btrfs scripts and automatically create a snapshot of the btrfs file system if its btrfs (there is already such a check in the btrfs script and use LVM otherwise).

Shall I capture this in a Bugtracker or so?

If you want to. Otherwise I have it bookmarked here.

I created this issue.
How do I deactivate this setting?
I think it is stored in /usr/local/etc/urbackup/snapshot.cfg. Do I just remove the two lines?
Because of this I need to deactivate snapshots.