Could not find LVM volume for mountpoint /dev



I have a client running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS an want to backup the ext4 formatted volume sdb1.

The scructure of my drives:

sda 1,8T
└─sda1 btrfs 1,8T /media/BACKUP
sdb 465,8G
└─sdb1 ext4 465,8G /var/www Homepage
sdc 119,2G
└─sdc1 LVM2_member 119,2G
├─ubuntu–vg-root ext4 28,9G /
└─ubuntu–vg-swap_1 swap 976M [SWAP]

So I’ve configured the path in the settings as: /dev/sdb1

But the backup protocol exits with these errors:

|Fehler|11.04.19 23:01|Creating snapshot of “/dev/sdb1” failed|
|Fehler|11.04.19 23:01|Could not find LVM volume for mountpoint /dev|
|Fehler|11.04.19 23:01|Creating snapshot of “sdb1” failed.|

I’ve found some threads to this topic, but there was always “try out the client 2.2.x”.

Currently my urbacku server is version 2.3.8 and the client is version 2.3.4.

Other Solutions I have not found to this topic.


Can you ls /dev/sdb1/ ?
No, because it’s not a real directory. You need to use the mounted filesystem, which in your case looks to be /var/www. Use that instead.


/dev/sdb1 is a partition on the /dev/sdb disk rather than a LVM logical volume. Snapshots are a LVM feature. If you wish to use a LVM snapshot your sdb needs to be restructured to use LVM. Currently LVM only has sdc1 physical volume.