Clients reachable by two subnets


Hi, I have 73 servers backed up to two seperate urbackup servers, and it’s mostly working great. I had to give up on FreeBSD and ZFS for the urbackup servers since ZFS can’t seem to handle virtual clients (’[ ]’ is not allowed in ZFS file- or directory names) so the servers are running Fedora with BTRFS.

Most of my clients have two network interfaces, one outwards facing with a public IP and one inwards facing on a seperate backup vlan. Some of the servers only have the outwards facing interface. I want every client that has the dedicated backup interface to use that, but the others to use the external interface.

The servers both have two interfaces, one on the external subnet and one on the internal subnet.

Is there a way to ensure this?


None that I can think of directly (you’d have to modify the code).

You could either manually block the servers on the client or server via iptables or broadcast only on the inwards facing interface while configuring the outwards facing interface address as internet server (then it will prefer local backup to internet backup).


Ok, that’s good to know. Seems most of the servers with two interfaces are using the internal interface, either by luck or some other factor :slight_smile:

If it becomes a problem I’ll bind the broadcast to the internal network interfaces and conf the servers with one interface to become internet clients.