Clients Online: No

Hi all

I have a frustrating problem at the moment. I have a small network of four Raspberry Pis running Buster. One is configured as a urbackup server, the other three are intended to be clients.

Two of my clients are refusing to come online. I have downloaded the linux installation file from the UI, copied it to all clients and executed it. I have specified in all cases to use “4) No snapshot” and confirmed in all cases that the urbackupclientbackend service is running.

Two of my Pis (the urbackp server and one other) have been “discovered” and are visible in the UI, two others haven’t. If I add a “hint” they show up as “online:yes” for a couple of seconds and then become “online:no”.

I can’t see anything pertinent in the server logs or client logs.

All clients are on the same subnet as the urbackup server. All Pis are using the same DNS server.

Can you give me a clue where I can look for the cause of the problem, please?