Client whith no Complete backup?

I don’t understand, i see in log that a client does not complete backup ???
How it is possible?

Settings are minimum 1 complete.

The settings say you need one full file backup but it has been deleted maybe?

Once an initial full is performed each subsequent incremental backup is filled out from the prior backups so they all look like full backups. If the initial full backup is deleted the incremental backups remain complete.

I did not delete BAckup.

I thought an incremental one needed at least a complete one.

An other problem
It is not logical.

If we look total volume backup from client Pascaline = 190.62GB

But when you look backup about this client… Complete is not visible and volume is not equal to 190.62GB

It is very less…



Don’t think too much about it, due to the way urbackup works , the size reporting and a lot of metrics looks suspicious.

In the stats page it’s simply buggy (you ll see negative backup size, maybe it accounts for deduplication when adding, but not deleting, i dont know)

In other other pages, it’s mostly because it’s very difficult to understand the metric.
Even as a sysadmin you d need a long time to decipher why each metric end up having some value (need to account for sparse files, actually transfered data, deduplication, etc…).

Also you ll get suprises because if you delete a 1GB backup , maybe you will not free 1GB, because some data is shared with a backup that has been done before or after the one you delete.

Disk size of the backup is not a single concept because of deduplication and effects from backup filesystem choice. I use ext4 so filesystem effects are minimal in my case.

Your figures indicate:

  • a total of 35.7 GB in use for image backups
  • a total of 154.92 GB in use for file backups giving
  • the total of 190.62 GB for both backup types

The sizes reported for the file backups reflect the changed files only, an effect of the deduplication. The files not changed are included as links to the earlier backups and don’t contribute to the reported backup size.

The first backup would have had a larger size reported but it has been deleted. The files it had in common with other backups will not have been deleted as they are linked into the other backups but the common files are no longer included in the reported size of any remaining backup.

I notice you now have a full backup but its reported size reflects only files unique to that backup, not those shared with other backups by the deduplication.

Ok I understand better thank you
Backup logs only show changes only

By cons I do not understand that the complete was deleted while I ask for one minimum complete backup