Client Update & Silent Updates


First, urBackup is wonderful so thank you very much to all that develop it!

We currently have urBackup server 1.4.5 and clients of 1.4.3 installed.
I have enabled:
Download client from update server:
Autoupdate clients
Perform autoupdates silently

The computers are still on 1.4.3 and not updated to 1.4.4. Is there anyway to force them to update? This is to combat the two critical bugs in 1.4.3.
Some of the clients have been turned off and on again, so I thought that that should have started the update procedure? Do i need to restart the Server service or anything?

Many thanks in advance


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The update is applied when a client goes online. So stopping a client for 5min and then starting it again should do it (the 5min are important). Restarting the server also forces it. I guess this needs improvement.

Hmm, thats strange because I have done both a server service restart and the machines get turned off at night, so in the morning it starts up again. (so should presumably should force the update)
Cheers for your help


Can you download the client from the web interface? That would confirm it downloaded correctly and that the signature is correct.

I compared the files on sourceforge updates folder to the files that downloaded to:
C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup

They are identical. However they do not seem to be sent to the target computers.
The physical server has been restarted, as has all the client machines. However nothing seems to have forced it.

Very strange!

Can you check that if you select a client in the settings that “silent update” is enabled, even if it is greyed out?

I can confirm that Perform autoupdates silently: is enabled, and it is not greyed out.

Indeed strange. Can you tell me, if the update gets sent to the client? (Content of C:\Program Files\UrBackup\version.txt and the version that gets shown when you run C:\Program Files\UrBackup\UrBackupUpdate.exe )

Sorry for the delay,
I can confirm that Update 1.4.4 gets sent to the client and the signature file etc.
Just never gets installed even though silent updates & auto update is selected!

I would just like to follow up on this following the new update 1.4.5
I can confirm that this updates correctly.
However it did seem to autoupdate the clients even though i had “Download client from update server” Unchecked
I don’t know if this is normal behavior?


Thanks for the hint. It was checking the “autoupdate clients” settings for that (only nightly download). Bug will be fixed with the next version.

Weird that it works now…

I am having the same issue updating some clients from 1.4.6 and 1.4.7 to client version 1.4.8 I have checked settings for clients and have restarted the service from the client side and the server side. Some of the machines have updated to the newest version and some have not.