Client Sourcecode?


in resolving minor upgrade issues (see my bug report) I tried to download the sourcecode to both, client and server, and found only the server code. Is there a a way to access the client sourcecode (via github or whatever) or is this piece proprietary?

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Yeah it’s in git.

Sourceforge somehow doesn’t display the two git repositories (you see them when you browse git web though):

The Backend is for client and server. Frontend_wx is the TrayIcon you see. I compile the client with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Compiling it is a little bit difficult (e.g. the shadowcopy stuff; boost dependencies), but the solution file is in git.

Cool, thank you! I’m especially interested in the shadowcopy stuff, this is very interesting. I have to admit I’m not a C++ guy, but maybe this is a good opportunity to learn it ;)

This thread should give you some pointers as well: