Client - Server and net password

Hello, sorry for my bad english…

I’ve installed urbackup server on a win7 machine and one client on another win7 machine in the same network.

The client cannot connect with the server until I click on a shared folder (from the client pc to the server pc) and I provide username and password. Then the client connect with the server and perform backup without problem, so I think that I need to set on the client username and password to access the server machine over the net.

What I’ve to do?

ThankS a lot!!

I don’t really understand the problem, I guess. UrBackup does not do the backups over windows shares and should work without them. Except, naturally, if the directories you want to backup up are on a network share.

You could change the “warn” in args.txt on the server or client to “debug” and then look at the log file (urbackup.log/debug.log) and post relevant sections here.

Thanks a lot for your help… as you suggest the problem was that the directories were on a network share!