Client hitting FILE_DOESNT_EXIST errors (Win 10 upgrade related)

Back in late July, every incremental & full file backup on a Win 8.1 client starting hitting over 11700 errors, which looked like this:

Error getting complete file "siCNPXmxIOqYk8mUWrvp|C/$Windows.~BT/Sources/SafeOS/SafeOS.Mount/Program Files/desktop.ini" from laptop. Errorcode: FILE_DOESNT_EXIST (3)

I didn’t get a chance to investigate until yesterday. Turns out all the errors were in that SafeOS tree. The files were all part of the Win 8.1 to Win 10 upgrade, which had been automatically downloaded. I went ahead and upgraded to Win 10 yesterday, and the next file backup was fine. A quick google suggests that the error was the staged upgrade files were all owned by TrustedInstaller and weren’t readable by a normal administrative account. I can’t verify that, since the files are all gone now that I’ve upgraded the OS.

No big deal, since the errors are now cleared up, but I’m surprised that the backup couldn’t handle those files.

–edit-- Forgot to mention - this is with client and server 1.4.8.

Thanks for the info!

I haven’t seen this issue yet with my Windows 7 PCs. Could be it only occurs with Windows 8.

Looks like it has problems tracking changes in the $Windows.~BT folder. It should be able to read all the files using special backup rights.

You should see error messages like

Parent of file with FRN 208572357742686825 (Name "abc") with FRN 93442692268028470 not found. Searching via MFT as fallback.

in the client log.

You know how to log the change journal entries, but the issue fixed itself, so we cannot track down if Windows did not log it to the change journal or if UrBackup did not interpret the change journal entries correctly.