Client from Restore CD found no servers

I have urBackup Server 2.3.7 on Ubuntu 18.04. Recently backup storage was replaced from 1x8TB to 3x10Tb RAID5 drive. We just eject old 8Tb drive and mounting new. Backup started and successfully processing more than 2 weeks. File system is BTRFS. I check /var/log/urbackup.log for errors. There is was many messages about unknown files. Then I run urbackupsrv remove-unknown, urbackupsrv cleanup -a 5%, urbackupsrv repair-database, urbackupsrv defrag-database. After server was restarted, and made some backups looks good. But in log now:
admin@backup:~$ sudo tail /var/log/urbackup.log
[sudo] password for admin:
2019-03-22 10:35:48: WARNING: Shutting down (Signal 15)
2019-03-22 10:38:47: WARNING: Creating file entry index. This might take a while…
And Restore CD still not find backup server while ping is ok.