Client doesn't connect over internet when using URL

Foreword: Love this software and the potential in my set-up to use it.

I’m using the windows client (1.4.11) and server (1.4.41).

Clients can connect through the internet when using the public IP address of the server. However, I have a dynamic IP and use a dynamic DNS’s to overcome this.

When I put in the public URL address *** or ***, the client program will not connect.

I can get access to the web UI using the public URL address and I run multiple other services using the public URL address. It just seems to be the client software that doesn’t like using the public URL address.

Please help? I’ve search the forum and found people internet issued, but none like this.

What happens when you ping the DNS address from the client computer?

I get a response. I’ve even used Nmap from a client computer to confirm the port was open and unfiltered.

I have 1.4.11 clients connecting to 2.0.x server and it works fine using DNS. Run a packet sniffer on the server and see if there are any connection attempts from the client.

Edit: on the server internet server name/IP settings, do you have the correct DNS entry there?

Greg, sorry for the delay and thanks for your response.

I chased that feedback and found some strange network activity.

What I’ve ended up doing is a fresh install of UrBackup server side and a few restarts.

All seems to be working.