Client does not snapshot devices but sda1

Ubuntu server 16.04 (headless)
Dattobd 0.10.3

The machine has got TWO volumes, /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1.
When the backup starts it creates only the snapshot for sda1 and save only the files on sda1.
sdb1 is mounted on /mnt/sdb1 but no file is saved.

You’ll have to add the /mnt/sdb1 backup path separately currently. Yes, it should automatically follow mountpoints, I guess.

Do you mean like that?


Cause of this setting is in a group of linux machines, and not all of them has got sdb1, I specified “optional”.

What about that?


It works.
So, the rule is:

  • List all mountpoints you want to backup using snapshots in “Default directories to backup” field in “File Backups” tab.