Client config change cause issues

Hi All,
I have noticed that some of the backups on specific windows clients are not working,
Banging my head finally I found it, When a client add a backup path on the windows client something is going wrong.
Since the change the server the error is Index error,

I have verified this on 3 clients.
Server 1.47 client 1.47 and 1.44

Till now I haven’t found a way make the backups work again,

Many Thanks

Can you post some logfiles/log entries?

Thanks for the prompt reply,
I think I found it.
The problem is that in the client config I have added a path with an /optional.
If the optional folder does not exist thats where the problem is,
So the log states Cannot access directory to backup :"\?|globalroot\XXXXXXXXX and the index does not continue from there,
I have delted the optional directory from the client gui restarted the client and all is working again.
Thank You…

Maybe I can suggest a quick and dirty solution for that.
Is it possible to first backup the user requested folders and after that move to the server requested folders?

Thanks Again,