Clent Auto-Update Not Working


I have a server running 2.3.7 (recently upgraded) and clients on various versions from to It doesn’t seem like any of my clients are updating.

I have tried stopping and starting the client backend using “sudo service urbackupclientbackend stop” etc, and leaving it stopped for 10 minutes before starting again, but the version numbers are not updating. Looking in the log files in /var/log/urbackupclient.log I’m not seeing anything related to updates either.

The server settings are:

  • Download client from update server (ticked)
  • Autoupdate clients (ticked)
  • Perform autoupdates silently (ticked) for each client

Is there anything I’m doing wrong?

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Probably not. I have a couple of small offices with the same thing. Earlier today I manually updated some 2.3.2 beta and 2.3.3 clients to 2.3.4. Even found some leftovers from 1.4, which encouraged me to check and uninstall any old UrBackup program entries before upgrading.

As things go that’s pretty minor, willing to wait and see how the next release works.