Cleanup of backups keeps getting error on vhdz.bitmap files

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has seen this issue before. I’m noticing, throughout most of my Urbackup server instances throughout the country that the backups are running just fine, so are restores of the backups, but (manually) cleaning up the databases results in errors.

Quite often when I browse through older backups that I want to clean up, I mark them for deletion and then delete the backup. Then i’d get an error: Error deleting backup: refer to the server log for details.

The server log itself just says:

2022-12-01 10:05:21: WARNING: Deleting /share/Backups/TSREPORT01/221105-2245_Image_E/Image_E_221105-2245.vhdz.bitmap failed. No such file or directory (code: 2)

This is just a example, it could be for any host for example. But the main thing that they all have in common is that it keeps saying that there is no vhdz.bitmap file to delete and thus I get this error.

I can bypass the problem by deleting the backup again, or sometimes I need to delete the incrementals and then the full backup to delete the set. But I was wondering if this is something I can fix?

What strikes me as odd, is that when browsing through the files on the host, I can’t find any .vhdz.bitmap files for any of the image backups. There are vhdz.cbitmap files however. Could that be the problem?

As stated I have no problems making backups, I can mount and restore the backups without problems, but the above keeps popping up when I manually delete the backups through the Urbackup server web interface.

All my Urbackup server instances are CentOS / Rocky Linux version 7 or 8. all data is stored on a storage mounted through iSCSI storage media on a (GPT) ext4 partition. The Urbackup servers are running 2.4 versions.