Changing path on urbackup

Hello! I have a simple question but could not locate an answer from the documentation or the forums.

I recently installed urbackup, wanting to try it out first. The server was able to back up from the Windows client. The “backup storage path” was set to “/media/AAA”. In it, I noticed that there are several folders: client, [Windows client PC name], urbackup, and urbackup_tmp_files.

Now that I am satisfied that urbackup works. I’d like to do backups for real, and use the bigger hard drive we have for the job, mounted on “/media/BBB”.

But when I changed the “backup storage path” to “/media/BBB”, urbackup no longer works. The log has a couple of errors:

“Cannot create Directory for backup (Server error)” and
“Backup not complete because of connection problems”

Even if I copied over all the files from “/media/AAA” to “/media/BBB”, the errors remain. What else can I try?

Thanks for any response!

Can you check if “urbackup” has appropriate permissions? It may also require a restart.