Change the Listen port of the client and ask if backup is possible

Good morning.
The environment I want to backup is as follows.

Is it possible to back up the backup target in this environment?
There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this in the documentation or in the forum posts, so I’m in touch.

  • urbackup server: Internet public IP
  • Backup target: private ip of the cloud environment (requires linkage by connecting the port communicating with the server to one public IP with multiple ports)

    Example) server1: private -> public
    Example) server2: private -> public
    Example) server3: private -> public

Internet server port is a configuration option on the Internet tab. Have you tried it?

If you mean the UrBackup Clients are three machines sharing a public IP, that part is automatic. In Internet mode the Client contacts the UrBackup Server (at a fixed IP:port) and the Server replies using whatever IP:port the Client is using. As long as UrBackup can get through the NAT/firewall to reply to the Client (typically the default), the Client ports do not matter, the same as web browsing or any other service on the Internet. The Server does not contact the Client directly as the Client may be mobile and have a different IP address each time.

Thank you.

It’s caused by blocking the traffic from the top of the target equipment.
I checked normal connection after adding firewall rul