Change location of internal urbackup db

Hi, I’m using urbackup on a Ubuntu server 16.04. I created 2 partition: one for / and one for /home where I’ve all my backup data. Because the / partition is not so big, I need to move the internal db of urbackup that is located on /var/urbackup because there isn’t enough free space anymore.

How can I do that preserving actual data?


Thanks for your reply but I don’t want to move data storage. I need to move the internal db location. Thanks

Stop the Urbackup server service
Move the Urbackup database to where you want with permission.
Create symlink to /var/urbackup
( ln -s /current_urbackup_dp_path /var/urbackup)
Restart the service.


One more thing verifies the urbackup temp file directory in /etc/sysconfig/urbackup-server.

Hello! Doesn’t work. When it’s done and I start the service, Urbackup creates new clear bases.