Change block tracking

Notice that i had to restart the client twice for having the urbctctrl.exe status c: to report fine …
Do we have in the future to reboot after each client update ? For the moment, in doubt, i’ve disabled the clients auto-update.


So I have been trying out the CBT driver on a machine here on my local network. I ran an incremental image backup earlier today, then another incremental an hour and a half ago and one just now and they are all ~34GB even though that machine has not been used and it is not showing anything about block changes in the Activities page in the web interface.

Could you send me a debug log? Thanks!

I purchased CBT and have installed it on PC (windows 10) with Vols C & D. Rebooted and CBT status on the pc shows that is active on C only. On the server, List of Volumes for CBT is set to ALL. Is there something else I need to do?

Does it work with version 2.0.31-cbt (after a reboot)?

with 2.0.31-cbt, neither C or D show as active on CBT

I uninstalled 2.0.31-cbt, rebooted PC and then installed 2.0.31-cbt again and rebooted and now I see both C D showing active on CBT… Also shows getting CBT log message failed. Code:1

Thanks for reporting back. Which version did it show on the status screen?

its shows v2.1 for the driver version

It should be v2.2 with 2.0.31-cbt, this is why you have the message “CBT log message dailed. Code:1”.
A reboot is required after upgrade to 2.0.31-cbt to activate the new driver.

Microsoft changed something with Windows 10, which is why it needs two reboots. Sorry, should be fixed with the next version.

Thanks. Will reboot it again and inform. Also when I did a full backup with CBT, it looks like an incremental with only the changed files being backedup

rebooted the client multiple times (>3) and still show v2.1

Sorry, will upload the new version soon.

No problems… Thank you!

Thanks for the new version and I have tried it and no matter what i do, rebooted multiple times and I sorry to say it still shows driver version 2.1. I don’t know what I am doing wrong

Sorry. Could you post the output of running

cd “C:\Program Files\UrBackup”
urbctctl.exe install-driver

in an administrator console (WINDOWS + X -> Console (Administrator) )

First of all Thank you for all your all work!!
Finally it shows V2.3. I did the manual uninstall via the regedit process described in the CBT manual. Then installed the new version rebooted twice and I see V.2.3.

I see that there was a 2.0.32-cbt version released but clients are not upgraded automatically (still in 2.0.31-cbt).
With previous versions, CBT clients were upgraded without any manual operations.
/var/urbackup/version.txt shows version 157-cbt
I’ve also noticed that does not reflect server version (2.0.31) :



Sorry about that, version isn’t incremented. Doesn’t matter too much, since it was a miniscule change anyway.