CentOS client does not connect to Server


Here is my setup :
Windows server with URBACKUP server 1.2 on it (works OK , firewall OFF)
several windows clients in same WORKGROUP are all working OK with windows client 1.2
All windows backups and image backups are OK !!!

i have 2 centos 6 clients with URBACKUP client 1.2 both are compiled with NO errors also the MAKE and MAKE INSTALL went OK
i also can start the URBACKUP daemons with out errors in the log files.
The centos 6 client with urbackup 1.2 client does nothing…it never connects to the windows server with urbackup server 1.2

i also started the GUI client and defined some dirs to backup…but still nothing…
the client does not connect to the windows urbackup server

Nothing in the logs…
Am i doing something wrong ???
Can please someone help me with this ?

many many thanks in advance

Can you try 1.3?
Does the centos client have multiple network interfaces?

!!! FOUND IT !!!

default selinux and firewall switched on in Centos 6.5
So… by shuting them both off it worked well !

thanks for all the help