CBT stopped working?


Even though the client info says:

Volumes with active change block tracking and no crash persistence (v2.13):

Volumes without change block tracking:
G:, D:

the backup itself reads the entire disk, and there is no mention of CBT in the log:

|12/24/18 02:14  |INFO  |Starting scheduled incremental image backup of volume "C:"...|
|12/24/18 02:14  |DEBUG  |Backing up SYSVOL...|
|12/24/18 02:14  |DEBUG  |Backing up SYSVOL done.|
|12/24/18 02:14  |DEBUG  |Backing up EFI System Partition...|
|12/24/18 02:14  |DEBUG  |Backing up EFI System Partition done.|
|12/24/18 02:14  |INFO  |Basing image backup on last incremental or full image backup|


Yeah, it is probably because of that:

2018-12-21 05:06:07: ERROR: Need previous client bitmap for image backup with CBT. Disabling CBT.

(from your previous thread where you posted the client log).

Can you try restarting the server? Maybe it thinks the client is not a CBT client.


Yeah, seems to be back.
Thanks! :sunglasses: