Can't find settings to define File Backup from Server

In Urbackup 1.3 Server i can’t find any setting which allows me to define Folders which will be backed up . Is it possible to do that ? from server ?

Furthermore is it possible to allow only Client Administrators to change Settings by default in urbackup client ?
This is the default behavior for normal Programms in Windows - Only Personal settings can be changed by standard users - and i think that Urbackup should be only under Control by default when the Domain admin allows it.
I really think it make sense that your solution is relatively save by default - but security can be eased where it is necessary ? what dou you think ?

Thanks alot

It would also be really nice if the settings could be changed for every client separately - perhaps with a role based user and client system - i know that this is not easy to implement - especially for a open source software with only one maintainer.
But it would be nice


It’s the “Default clients to backup” setting ( ). You can set it up per client on the server. I do not think I get the role based system. Can you give an example?

I thought about it and you are right, that it should require administrative priviledges. This would be a larger change, which will take some time. I hope you saw the install package without tray icon?

im am not sure what i would like to achieve with a roled based solution - it was only a pipe dream .
I think it would be nice to achieve that every user can by default only backup hist Data - and users which are in special groups are allowed to backup more than that.
Perhaps it works with a folder access rights check -
change rights for a folder means backup rights for that folder - but i think that you should concentrate on the windows rights system - if windows backup can do a backup for a normal user without admin rights your program should also be able to do this - if windows backup isn’t able to access the files your program also should not allow the backup of those files - can’t explain it in more detail -because i haven’t really thought of it in deep.

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