Build mountable images from incrementals

It seems like this is already a thing, but I would like to use it for another purpose which is quick DR / Continuity. It would be very useful if we could compile an image from incrementals that is mountable via Hyper-V. This would be used where urbackup server is installed on a hypervisor, which can spin up a VM to be used for recovery, data, and app access until the failed server or computer can be repaired/replaced. This way we would not need to run the urbackup restore CD and duplicate all of the data.

That would be a nice feature to have, the software already bases full backups on the last full backup and merges the full and incremental backup into a new full backup. So i guess at least part of this functionality is already in the system?

Yep, that is my thinking as well. It even mounts it through the web portal, so we know it can be mounted. It would be just oh-so-great if we could mount it in Hyper-V as well!

The problem is, it creates volume images, not disk images.

Here is documentation on how to assemble a disk image manually:

There is also a .bat file/command line command that does it (sometimes, I think it doesn’t support GTP formatted disks) for vhds.

Thanks uroni, I will take a look at this and see if I can get something working.