Build Issue on F29

Trying to install urbackup-server-2.3.7 on Fedora 29. ./configure dies with
“configure: error: Your system lacks of libcurl >= 7.20.0”

Yet, the installed version of libcurl is libcurl-7.61.1 - to me .61 is greater than .20, but I’ve seen odd numbering before… any suggestions?

The obligatory works for me :wink:

Is this on F29? I’m running into all kinds of configure issues; zlib-devel isn’t found even though it is installed, unsure what provides cryptopp so using the built in version, and now I’m getting configure: error: No library for clock_gettime found even thought that is a glibc function and glibc-devel is installed.

Has anyone else built this on F29 yet?