Beta to unbeta upgrade

Will the beta 2.0.X version be able to upgrade to the final release once it is available? Or is the beta only for testing and no direct upgrade to the final?


I cannot say for certain, but typically beta and non-beta is just a matter of bugfixes on the existing codebase. You should be able to transition.

Cool. I am liking this software. Has a lot of awesome features.

Do you know is it only developed by @uroni or is there a company/development team behind the coding? I am impressed with how frequent updates are released and how the feature set continues to improve.

It is mostly @uroni. There is another fellow, whom I cannot remember the name of, that does some work on the web interface side of things and is responsible for the redesign of the web interface between 1.4.x and 2.0.x beta.

There are also a ton of people who have worked on the various translations.