Bare metal restore HP DL120G7 B110i fake-raid1 = SOLVED

bare metal recovery from HP DL120G7 to another server with same HW,
Recover only first 0,1 partitions, 100Mb+100Gb only…
Looks like OK, but fail/reboot like 0x0000007b

SO, UrB manual words “restore partitions on the same size disks” mean:
UrB restore from images, even of case “only given partitions (0,1)” -
but - also - metadata (MBR, PT) of the entire disk, 2,3,etc
where present another partitions with their original sizes.
(my case - target 500Gb, destination 250Gb)

I have to boot live Gparted, delete all partitions after boot and system, 0,1 -
100Mb+100Gb, and restored system started ok.

And I have to rebuild fake-raid1,
because UrB restore sees 2 hdd, not logical mirror