Badgered my install

I installed urbackup onto an ubuntu server, added some clients and it wa ticking along fine.
However if then ran out of space and flagged me a message to the same effect.

So I thought that I would apt purge urbackup-server. Then mount a network folder and reinstall urbackup to look at that.

After the reinstall I re-added my client ip ranges but the clients didn’t appear in the status page.

Clicking the ‘Show all clients’ button shows them but they look like:

So it appears that it’s not polling the clients. I have restarted the client services on a few machine with no change.

What do I need to do to resolve this please?

Can you enable the status column and then click on the question mark there?

awesome that sorted it.

The question mark pointed to a server rejected error.

I stopped the backup client, removed the servers_idents.txt file in /usr/local/var/urbackup, waited 5 mins and restarted the client and not it’s working as expected.

Thanks your your help