Backups not saved

This client is running Windows 7 and the backups have nothing but empty folders. Looking at the logs, I see many things similar to this (but for random files):

21.03.14 14:12   	ERROR   	Error getting file "XGzcb1CmNWs8au55RseN|User files/User/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Explorer/thumbcache_256.db" from My-Laptop. Errorcode: TIMEOUT (2)
21.03.14 14:12   	ERROR   	Client My-Laptop went offline.
21.03.14 14:12   	INFO   	Transferred 40.4942 MB - Average speed: 19.92 KBit/s
21.03.14 14:12   	INFO   	Time taken for backing up client My-Laptop: 4h 47m 43s
21.03.14 14:12   	ERROR   	Backup failed  

You have a great piece of software, but I think your focus should be with improving fault recovery. As you see:

Time taken for backing up client My-Laptop: 4h 47m 43s

What happened to those “40.4942 MB” that were transferred?
I look back at all the logs for the past 4 months and it’s the same thing over and over (sizes an file names are different).
It seems that the client/server is stopping and discarding backups the moment there is a fault .

Luckily in this case nothing is lost, but I hope that in the future (had this been a real emergency) this issue would not arise.
Any tips would be helpful.